Spring into Phab Volunteering

Spring into Phab Volunteering is an inclusive volunteer training programme for young people with and without learning disabilities, aged 16-24, that will lead to setting up and running a young people led multi-activity youth club. The project will train up to 12 young people in a range of business skills that will equip them with the confidence and abilities to set up and manage an activity club, supported by Spring into Action staff, for their peers and for younger children with disabilities.

The project will give young people the opportunity to learn about the various aspects of setting up and running a voluntary club, including but not limited to roles and responsibilities, marketing, finance, fundraising, consultation, planning and evaluation, through weekly workshops facilitated by Spring into Action youth workers. Young people will work towards AQA accreditations, with each completing AQA’s in a variety of topics. The project aims to allow young people to identify their strengths and work as a team to set up a viable and sustainable enterprise. During the workshops, they will decide on which roles each person will undertake (secretary, chair, treasurer, marketing, administration, activity leader/assistant) and will be supported to take on the roles in real life as the club is set up.

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Lancashire County Council